• A Brief History
  • Our Board of Governance
  • Our Executive Team
  • Publications
  • Quality accreditations
  • Vision, Mission and Values (incl Indigenous statement)
  • Working for Us

A Brief History

We believe that everyone has the right to a decent life.

Established in 1946 Prahran Mission, an agency of the Uniting Church in Australia, provides emergency relief services to those experiencing poverty, homelessness and economic disadvantage, as well as rehabilitation services to those experiencing mental illness and psychiatric disability.

Dedicated service to the community since 1946

In 1946, the Prahran Methodist Mission and Christian Community Centre was established in a new era of social enlightenment due to the visionary leaders of the Methodist Conference of Victoria and Tasmania, who had new and progressive ideas about social welfare. They recognised that people needed to be helped to stand on their own two feet, and they should give without damaging the self-respect, self-esteem or self-confidence of the recipient.

Since then, Prahran Mission has a history of providing innovative services to the community, focussing on the people most in need. Services such as:

  • The Supporting Mothers’ Association, which laid the foundation for what would become our Mothers’ Support Program
  • The Wobbly Club, which supported recovering alcoholics by using art and craft therapy, the legacy of which has been used in our various art therapies
  • Albiston House which provided low-rent housing for the elderly
  • Rev Hartley’s most well known community venture – Meals on Wheels – a service which is now operated by most councils around Australia!

In 1989 the Prahran Parish Council appointed the Mission’s first female, lay executive – Dr Joan Clarke. She pioneered the Mission’s work in psycho-social rehabilitation for people with psychiatric disabilities. During her tenure the Mission was awarded a Silver Australia and New Zealand Mental Health Achievement Award for its services to people with a disability. Retiring in 2005, Dr Clarke was the Mission’s second longest serving director.

Our next Chief Executive – Mr Quinn Pawson – led the Mission through a major transformation in 2010, redeveloping the Chapel Street building, turning it into a user friendly, modern, multi-purpose community space. He also spearheaded innovative programs such as Voices Vic, and evolved our Op Shop and Café programs into Social Firms which provide training and employment opportunities to those experiencing disadvantage. Quinn Pawson moved into a senior management role with the new ‘Uniting’ management team, in 2017.

Prahran Mission will continue to be there for the community – as it has been since 1946 – when it begins another phase in its mental health services, by providing individualised support packages in the catchment areas of Bayside, Inner East and South Eastern Melbourne.

For the full history of Prahran Mission, read the article in our Annual Report 2010-11

Our Board of Governance

Prahran Mission is governed by the Uniting (VicTas) Board. We joined with 21 other Uniting Church community service agencies to form a new single organisation.

Uniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Limited was established and governance for all founding agencies was unified under the single Board on 3 October 2016.

The Uniting Board is an experienced, skills based team that will lead the design and build of the emerging organisation.

For more information visit www.victas.uca.org.au/Uniting team

Our Executive Team

Silvia Alberti, Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Bonken, General Manager HR, ICT & Compliance

Phil Glynn, Chief Financial Officer

Stav Stathopoulos, General Manager Services

Nisha Solanki, General Manager Fundraising & Community Relations


Below you will find links to Prahran Mission’s publications.

Please contact administration on 9692 9500, if you wish to find out more about our publications.

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Quarterly Newsletter – Mission Matters

Strategic Plan 2014-17

Quality accreditations

Prahran Mission is committed to providing the best possible services for clients. As part of this commitment we undertake regular audits and reviews and comply with relevant legislation and requirements.

In March 2016, all Prahran Mission services and processes were accredited against the Quality Improvement Council Standards, by the accrediting body – Quality Innovation Performance (QIP).

In addition to the QIC Standards, the following program specific standards have been independently audited and met:

Program Area Standards Accrediting Body Last Audit
Mental Health programs National Standards for Mental Health Services Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) March 2016
Residential Services National Standards for Mental Health Services Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) March 2016
Aged Care Packages Common Care Community Standards Australian Aged Care Quality Agency March 2016
Disability Employment Services New Disability Standards Business Standards International June 2016
Hartley’s Community Restaurant Food Handling Standards Stonnington Council Nov 2016
Hospitality Food Handling Standards Stonnington Council Nov 2016
Responsible Serving of Alcohol Dec 2016



Prahran Mission is a registered charity with The ACNC’s Tick of Charity Registration, and complies with their requirements. ACNC Listing for Prahran Mission

The ACNC is the specialist, independent national regulator of charities. It is established by, and administers, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Act 2012 (Cth) (‘ACNC Act’).  ACNC Registered Charity Tick



JSP operates a management system that complies with the requirements of Disability Service Standards 2007.

Certificate number: 8533000-DES-001Certification number: 8533  JSP-DES Logo



Prahran Mission is a registered provider of Pre-Accredited training with the Department of Education. We issue completion certificates and attendance certificates. TOID number: 20175

Vision, Mission and Values (incl Indigenous statement)


Every person with a mental illness or living with extreme economic and social disadvantage has the right to a decent life.


Our mission is to partner with those who have or have had a mental illness or experience extreme social and economic disadvantage in order to facilitate a full and meaningful life.


The values of Prahran Mission connect and guide who we are with what we strive to do. We aim to reflect our values in all our actions, relationships, roles and responsibilities.

The illustrations below, which represent our Values, are the work of Romy Dwosh, who was a participant and Board Member with Prahran Mission. (All that you gave is still with us Romy. Rest in peace 12.03.1978 – 06.07.2011)


Is the right to feel comfortable and unthreatened within our environment and to be oneself and not feel discriminated against. It is a basic human need and provides the foundations for recovery.


Is our belief in the value of all peoples’ lives and in their spirituality which brings out the positive within and between people. Prahran Mission encourages faith within individuals and humanity.


Builds genuine and meaningful relationships that guide our interactions. It fosters acceptance and integrity within a caring, supportive and safe environment.


Is our belief in everyone’s potential to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. Hope encompasses our excitement and celebration for the future.


Through growth and learning is encouraged by Prahran Mission in order to enhance each person’s journey towards living a more meaningful life.


Encourages honesty, trust and genuineness within our relationships. This allows an open dialogue where people are free to voice their hopes, fears and ideas while really being heard and feeling free from discrimination.


Provides fair and equal access for all people to opportunities irrespective of class, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality or health status.


Promotes meaningful relationships between individuals, organisations, businesses and communities, providing opportunities to engage creatively and encourage mutual participation. Prahran Mission actively encourages and supports consumer participation in planning and decision-making processes
Prahran Mission acknowledges the traditional owners and Elders past and present across Australia, with particular acknowledgment to the traditional custodians of the lands where our offices are located. We pay our respects to the Elders, both past and present, and to those of the future, for they hold the memories, the traditions, the cultures and aspirations of Aboriginal Australia. We must always remember that under the concrete and asphalt this land is, was, and will always be, traditional Aboriginal land. We stand in the light of their presence and seek to move forward together.

Cultural Diversity and Values in Aboriginal Communities

The basic definition of culture is a way of life or the shared ideas, beliefs, values and knowledge of a group of people. Aboriginal people in Australia have strong cultural values and beliefs. Importance of their land, following community protocols, recognition of traditional ownership and current responsibilities, respect for Aboriginal cultures and cultural practices, and ownership of information and knowledge specific to their community allow Aboriginal communities to maintain their own individuality and culture. Central to the Aboriginal community is respect for Elders, valuing people’s relationships, treating people with dignity, and maintaining cultural and family obligations which are paramount in creating and sustaining a strong community.

Working for Us

Prahran Mission is an equal opportunity employer and upholds the value of its workers – both paid and volunteer – and the principles of social justice in its workplace policies and practices. It is committed to providing a safe environment for all its workers. Its services and programs are available to all people irrespective of class, race, religion, gender, age, sexuality or health status. Prahran Mission is a quality assured agency, as awarded by QIP. All its programs undergo regular audits and are committed to the continuous improvement of the services provided.

Employment Opportunities

When applying for a position, please forward your application to the relevant manager – as indicated in the Position Description – complete with a covering letter, a statement addressing the selection criteria and your CV. Current Vacancies

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering with us? For more information