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The Melbourne Hearing Voices Declaration

The Melbourne Hearing Voices Declaration has been developed by people with lived experience of hearing voices from Australia, UK and Europe, with the aim of building support for the hearing voices approach within the mental health system.

The Declaration was launched at the World Hearing Voices Congress on Thursday 21st November 2013. The Congress was organised and led by consumers, and hosted over 700 delegates from all around the world. Delegates included consumers, carers, health professionals, policy makers and researchers. You can find out more about the Congress and about Voices Vic here.

The Melbourne Hearing Voices Declaration was signed by 56 organisations who have embraced the opportunity to publically demonstrate their support for the consumer leadership movement and the importance of engaging in a productive way with the experience of hearing voices. The Declaration below outlines the commitments made by these organisations.



Thank You!

Thank you to all the organisations who have committed to the

Declaration. This video was played at the launch on 21st November.



The following organisations signed the Declaration at (or prior to) our launch event:


Adults Surviving Child Abuse

Alfred Psychiatry


Connections UnitingCare

Coyote Institute

Doutta Galla Community Health


Eastern Health


Fintry Community Inc


For the Crowded House

HSU National


Hearing Voices Network



Hearing Voices Network England

Impact Support Services


Intensive Trauma Therapy Inc

Inner South Community Health Service








International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis


Keep Well


Kildonan UnitingCare


Mental Health Coordinating Council


Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

Mental Illness Fellowship Australia

Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria

Merri Community Health Service


National Mental Health Commission

Neami National

North Western Mental Health

North Yarra Community Health

Peninsula Health

Peninsula Support Services

People Measures

Recovery Devon


Richmond Fellowship






Sacred Heart Mission


Snap Gippsland


South Port UnitingCare


St Vincent's Mental Health


The Salvation Army Adult Services

Uniting Church in Australia

UnitingCare Australia

UnitingCare Ballarat

UnitingCare Community Options

UnitingCare Gippsland

UnitingCare Lentara

UnitingCare Mental Health - Parramatta Mission

UnitingCare Prahran Mission

UnitingCare ReGen

UnitingCare Wesley Port Adelaide


Wesley Mission Victoria

Western Region Health Centre

Wimmera UnitingCare

Working Towards Recovery




 The following organisations have indicated their support of the Declaration and what we hope will be a growing initiative:


Arafmi WA

Community Links, UK

Hearing Voices Brighton

Hearing Voices Network Cymru

Mind in Camden

 National Empowerment Center

RIBW Nijmegen & Rivierenland - The Hearing Voices Support Centre

SANE Australia




Would your organisation like to show it's support for the declaration? 

Contact us to be acknowledged on this page.

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